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I came to the US at the age of 22 without ever having watched an American football game. Now, six and a half years later, I have a podcast that discusses Fantasy Football with the intention of promoting American football to Chinese society.

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Artificial Intelligence

Case study: Design a policy research tool powered by ML & NLP

Find out how we started from scratch and designed a research tool featuring machine learning(ML) and natural language processing(NLP).

6 min read

Design Thinking

Has the definition of “good design” changed over time?

I constantly try to keep myself on the common ground between business success and excellent user experience. 

Business Success vs. User Value
Is it a paradox or a mutually beneficial relationship?

6 min read

Data Analytics

Fantasy Football Dream Tool (In Progress)

I started this project this summer. Please come back and check out my progress later.

I am a product designer and strategist who specializes in crafting differentiating user experience for data-driven, enterprise-level products powered by AI technology.

Data Analytics

A framework to quickly assemble visual data stories

In my three-year experience building interactive data analytics tools, I have come up with this recipe for creating ad-hoc reports or dashboards for all kinds of users, from company executives to tech-savvy analysts.

5 min read

Mobile App

Banter: bridge the invisible gap between us

Old Projects

IoT (Mobile)

Solemates: connected health initiative


AMEX digital transformation - Business Payment Portal

Car Design

Concept Car Design

Distill the culture, history and style of "Shanghai" down to a form and shape inspired by Yulan.